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Color: No. 3 Citrus

Product Description

Fragrance No. 3 is the scent of sweet grapefruit. An instant mood lifter, the sweet smell of grapefruit fills any room with joy. Les Choses Simples Room Sprays create an immediate sense of everyday luxury and gives your home a personal and exclusive touch. Spray in the air as generously as your own tastes demand.

Product Details

Size: 50 ml. Glass bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, fragrance without phthalate made in Grasse.

Made in Provence, France.

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About the Brand

Husband and Wife, Olivia and Thomas, created Les Choses Simples after moving to Provence in 2016. Living in the South of France inspired them to create beauty and home care products that were a reflection of what Provence really is: understated, natural, charming, and a little bit magical. Les Choses Simples products are produced locally in Provence in small batches and from entirely natural ingredients.