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Rituals for winding down...Here, there & everywhere.

Everyone has their own ritual of choice, and we are here to help you upgrade yours. We will inspire you with new ways to wind down, set the mood, and feel your best. 

At The Sleep Code, we believe that bedtime is the best time—time to take care of yourself, to rediscover the small delights of relaxing and unwinding, and to reconnect with what matters. Here’s to zoning out and turning in. We’ll see you on the other side. 

Rituals are emotional

Rituals are sensory

Rituals are flexible

Our story

The Sleep Code was born when a mother and daughter, both suffering with their respective sleep woes, would come together to share new discoveries. A cozy pair of pajamas, a restorative face mask, an aromatic diffuser, a calming tea—the conversations were endless!

Many tabs later, they recognized that while some brands address sleep, there is no single community with a comprehensive vision for healthy sleep rituals for people of all ages. Inspired by this open space, and the need for an encouraging resource, The Sleep Code came into existence.

The Sleep Code is a breath of fresh air. It’s your destination for curated products and reliable advice to help bring a sense of enjoyment back to bedtime. 

Our purpose

At The Sleep Code, your experience is our first and foremost consideration. It is a safe environment where you can explore every element pertaining to sleep: those aspects you take for granted and those that you never knew you needed. We know the struggle firsthand. That’s what drives us to provide the best experience with honesty and empathy, so that you can enjoy bedtime again.