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The Raspberry Room

Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Mask

Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Mask

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Product Description

This handmade, weighted eye mask is a special treat for the senses. Filled with flaxseed and lavender, you will have a sensory experience while getting some sleep.

Weighted eye masks can help reduce anxiety and aid in falling asleep faster. Made from cotton and satin, and featuring an adjustable strap and zipper.

Fabric & Care


1) Pour Contents Of Mask Into Bowl

2) Turn The Mask Inside Out And Ensure That No Flaxseed And Lavender Are Left Inside.

3) Hand Wash Your Eye Mask With A Mild Detergent.

4) Allow Your Mask To Dry Completely.

5) Pour The Lavender & Flaxseed Back Into The Eye Mask And Zip Shut.

6) Enjoy!

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About the Brand

The Raspberry Room was born out of a woman’s passion for interior design. After moving house, founder Tiffany was on a mission to furnish her new home with the perfect throw pillows. After a fruitless search, Tiffany decided to make her own pillows, and immediately fell in love with the process. The Raspberry Room was born!