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Flora English Lavender Scented Candle

Flora English Lavender Scented Candle

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Product Description

Experience the soothing aroma of Bamford's English lavender scented candle. Crafted from a blend of 100% natural wax, including rapeseed and beeswax, this paraffin-free candle creates a serene ambiance with fresh floral top notes and herbaceous, woody undertones. Housed in Bamford's iconic green glass vessel, this candle is not only elegant but also eco-friendly, as they can be upcycled and recycled.

Product Details

100% natural wax. Paraffin-free.

Approximate burn time of 30 hours.



For best performance, always trim the wick before lighting.

Burn until the wax pool covers the surface to keep the wax even.

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About the Brand

Bamford was founded by Carole Bamford, owner of Daylesford Farm– one of the most sustainable, pioneering organic farms in the UK. She belivees that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth, to live conciously, and to respect nature's recources and the land that prividesfor us. As such, she has created the Bamford collection with the idea that what we put on our body is an important as the food we put into it.