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The New New Age

Dream Plants of King Solomon Sleep Tonic Herbal Tea

Dream Plants of King Solomon Sleep Tonic Herbal Tea

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate relaxation with our herbal blend, crafted to inspire and promote immediate sleepiness. The earthy and sedative notes of skullcap, linden flowers, passionflower, mugwort, and hops work together to calm the body and mind. This blend is perfect for those who struggle with insomnia or have difficulty winding down after a long day. Experience the benefits of natural relaxation with this unique blend of soporific and nervine herbs.

All ingredients are permaculturally grown, ethically wildcrafted or certified organic, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.


Skullcap, Linden Flowers, Passionflower, Mugwort, Hops.

30 g. 

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About the Brand

The New New Age is a medicinal herb farm and nature sanctuary in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, committed to spreading Love, Health, and Happiness through plant and fungi kingdoms. They grow, forage, and produce high-quality herbal products using ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting guided by permaculture, herbalism, and Druid traditions. The foundation focuses on providing the finest medicinal, culinary, and tonic herbs for human and environmental health, practicing beyond-organic farming. The New New Age ensures their products use only the highest quality, whole food ingredients, emphasizing a love for Mother Earth.