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Flamingo Estate

Douglas Fir & Vetiver Pulse Point Oil

Douglas Fir & Vetiver Pulse Point Oil

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The Clarity Pulse Point Oil from Flamingo Estate feels like a deep breath in a drizzly forest.  The mixture of Douglas Fir and grass Vetiver are a crisp exhale from ancient trees. The spiciness of Angelica root cuts through brain fog to sharpen the mind, while a hint of sweet Basil lingers to calm your thoughts.

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Douglas Fir was wild harvested in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia. Its scent is like a forest breath. Fresh pine needles commingle with the earthy aroma of wet soil, for a deeply camphorous, verdant smell full of nuance.

Smelling this Vetiver is like a stroll through a vibrant field of emerald green. The aroma of fresh cut grass blends with warm, woody undertones. It's citric and resinous, with a slap of minerality. Grassy, earthy, transportive.

With a deep undertone of greenness, the aroma of Angelica Root subtly transforms as you take it in. It's delicate yet peppery, musky yet floral. Deep and dark with a hint of spice, like a walk in wild subarctic forests.

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Apply to pulse points to quiet the outside noise and turn inwards. That is where your power lives.


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About the Brand

Founded by Richard Christiansen, Flamingo Estate is a modern-day version of an apothecary and sanctuary. A sprawling estate, lush orchard, and bountiful garden tucked away in the hills of Los Angeles, it produces an assortment of wellness goods - from olive oil and honey to soap and candles.