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Skeem Design

Sweet Balsam Triple Wick Candle

Sweet Balsam Triple Wick Candle

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Product Description

Sweet Balsam is a blend of evergreens, highlighted by spring bulbs and pine cones. The scent encapsulates a mixture of woodsy, salt air, and green notes. Burn Time: 80 hours.


Please note during warmer months candles may melt during transit. To ensure best quality, please promptly take inside once delivered. 

Product Benefits

The Sweet Balsam collection brings the outdoors inside. Candles, incense, and matches are all scented with the classic Sweet Balsam exclusive scent, a blend of evergreens highlighted with top notes of spring bulbs and pinecones.


Soy Wax Blend, Cotton Wick.

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About the Brand

Skeem Design’s boutique home fragrance range features candles, perfumes, incense, and match bottles. Their mission: Create beautiful, useful products, eliminate excess packaging, and produce as much of the line in the US as possible.