RE.LAX Silk Pillow Pad – The Sleep Code

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RE.LAX Silk Pillow Pad

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RE.LAX Silk Pillow Pad

About the Brand

RE.VITYL is the outcome of a long lasting friendship, and shared passion for wellness, mind-body connection, female empowerment, and the quest for genuine relaxation. From a friendly wedding reception chat in Bali in 2010, to co-founders of a wellness startup company, RE.VITYL’s story is an example of the magic that happens when females empower each other. RE.VITYL embodies a love of natural, quality products, and keeps sustainable efforts at the forefront of the brand. RE.VITYL truly believes in the relaxing and restorative powers of native plants and stones, and their ability to bring about true wellness, harness positive energy, and enhance your quality of life.