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FEMMUE Rose Sleeping Mask

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FEMMUE Rose Sleeping Mask

About the Brand

In 2008 CEO Kelly S. Chung began a career as a beauty entrepreneur. Six years later, after working tirelessly and feeling as though her mind and body were becoming imbalanced, Kelly realized she needed to embrace the idea of self-care and self-love more emphatically. Flower arrangement soon became a weekly ritual and it was this that allowed her to wholeheartedly immerse herself in the world of flowers and become captivated by their beauty and power.

FEMMUE was born in 2015 as a result of this passion and today the brand epitomizes Kelly’s vision of self-love through the energy of flowers. FEMMUE captures the healing and reinvigorating aspects of flowers, which Kelly calls Flower Therapy. Inspired by the energy of flowers and their potent anti-stress ability to heal, strengthen and support the skin, FEMMUE has developed a unique approach that places Flower Therapy at the core of the range. By harnessing not only the cellular energy of flowers but also their playful colors, feminine scents and whimsical textures, each product in the collection has been created with science-backed research and data and has the ability to repair and restore skin to its full potential.

With a focus on intuitive skincare that helps all skin types and concerns achieve better hydration, tone and texture, FEMMUE believes that in order to enjoy the full extent of the unique Flower Therapy system, a simple yet thorough skincare routine should be taken. All FEMMUE products are packed with high-quality ingredients and come in luxurious, innovative textures allowing for time to embrace the ritualistic elements of skincare while still targeting skin concerns.