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Cinnamon Projects

Circa Rose Quartz Incense Holder

Circa Rose Quartz Incense Holder

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Product Description

This Japanese-style incense burner features an arc-shaped brass base to catch ash from incense, which burns while suspended in a gemstone disk. The rose quartz disk adds a luxe twist to a grounding ritual, making the process that much more seductive.

Product Details

4.75″ L x 1.5″ W

Packaged for presentation in foil-stamped sleeves and a paper gift box.

Note: Discs are cut and polished by hand from natural stone and may feature variations in color or pattern.

Guide & Care

Cinnamon Projects incense burners are made by hand in solid, un-lacquered brass and are designed to patina with age in natural living finish.

Un-lacquered brass will tarnish when exposed to air.

If desired, maintain a clean matte finish by brushing with a dry scouring pad.

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About the Brand

Established in 2014, Cinnamon Projects is a New York based design studio founded by lovers and husbands Andrew Cinnamon and Charlie Stackhouse. Combining their degrees in architecture, graphic design, photography and sculpture with professional experience in the luxury marketplace, allowed the duo to hone their instincts and define a diverse skillset with a distinct shared perspective. Adhering to the modernist mantra “form follows function," their designs are minimalist expressions which honor ancient ritual. Motivated by a love for fragrance, artifacts and image making, birthed an ever-evolving collection of burning incense, fine perfume oils and objects.